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Richard Sterling

Introducing Richard Sterling, a renowned expert in Economics, Finance, and Business, whose enlightening contributions on our blog demonstrate a depth of knowledge that spans over a decade.Richard's passion for these disciplines was first kindled during his studies at Cambridge University, where he honed his understanding of Economics and Mathematics. This robust academic foundation, combined with his hands-on experiences at globally recognized firms like Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Microsoft, has positioned him as an authority in his field.Beyond his professional pursuits, Richard finds a balance in his personal life in the bustling city of London. Alongside dissecting economic trends and penning business strategies, he takes delight in spending quality time with his dog, Chad, and indulging in his love for snowboarding in France. His writings not only aim to impart knowledge, but they also serve as an inspiration for readers to delve into the intriguing world of Economics, Finance, and Business. With every article, Richard Sterling brings a wealth of experience, a passion for learning, and a uniquely personal touch.

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